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Introduction to LADOT Transit Service Analysis

This interactive forum allows community members to discuss ideas and share input for the LADOT Transit Service Analysis. Your participation will help inform recommendations for LADOT transit services.

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What is the LADOT Transit Service Analysis?

The LADOT Transit Service Analysis consists of two components:

  • A comprehensive line-by-line analysis of existing LADOT services
  • An update to LADOT’s 2005 Community DASH Need Assessment

  • The line-by-line analysis will evaluate LADOT’s DASH, Commuter Express, and Cityride services in order to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ridership across the system. These line-by-line recommendations will be based on service performance data, market conditions, as well as stakeholder and public input. The update to the 2005 Community DASH Need Assessment Study will identify and prioritize potential areas for new Community DASH services. These areas leverage new infrastructure investments and sustainable development patterns.

    Why is this analysis needed?

    There are a number of reasons for initiating this study:

  • Optimize resources – Conduct a regular evaluation of services to maximize system performance.
  • Meet growing demand due to changes in infrastructure – Future rail/bus investments will result in an increase in demand for transit. LADOT will need to develop a plan that leverages these investments.
  • Increased emphasis on active transportation – The demand for multi-modal alternatives is increasing as well. Transit will play a key role in making active transportation a viable mobility solution.
  • Community development patterns are becoming more sustainable – Complete Streets programs and Transit Oriented Developments will provide more opportunities for transit to increase its role in mobility.
  • Need to improve integration between local transit operators and the regional transit network operated primarily by Metro. This study will focus on improving local transit services while tying it more effectively with regional transit services.
  • What will the Transit Service Analysis include?

  • Outreach and Participation – Meetings, workshops, and surveys will provide information to and gather input from transit riders, community stakeholders, the City Council, and the general public.
  • Market Assessment – Understand the mobility needs and development patterns within the City of Los Angeles.
  • Service Assessment – Understand existing service performance and identify opportunities to support efficient and effective use of resources for Community and Downtown DASH, Commuter Express, and Cityride.
  • Update to Community DASH Needs Assessment Study – Identify and prioritize potential areas for new DASH services.
  • Update LADOT Performance Metrics – Update guidelines for evaluating and monitoring LADOT services.
  • Recommendations – Transit solutions for the City of Los Angeles that supports regional mobility and economic development.
  • Title VI Analysis – Review whether recommendations have impacts on low-income and minority populations.

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